Preprint / Version 1

A Sustainable Transdermal Alternative to Oral Medications for Iron Deficiency


  • Anushka Mistry Polygence



Anemia, Iron Deficiency, Sustainable, Biodegradeable, Alternative Medication, Patch


Anemia, characterized by a deficiency in red blood cells or hemoglobin, poses significant health challenges globally. Traditional solutions, such as iron pills, face limitations in accessibility, side effects, and environmental impact. This research explores an alternative treatment: a sustainable hydrogel patch for transdermal iron delivery. The study compares two patch versions that I engineered, differing in iron concentration, through an iron release experiment. Surprisingly, the patch with double the iron content released less iron than the patch with the standard amount of iron, indicating potential solubility and material interaction complexities at higher concentrations. Therefore, the first version of the patch with the standard amount of iron concentration was more effective and could be used as a sustainable and effective solution for infants and children with anemia. Future research could explore how varied patch characteristics may impact the iron release. Overall, the current hydrogel patch I created is a promising, environmentally sustainable solution for anemia, laying the groundwork for further innovation in transdermal iron delivery methods.


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