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Socially Assistive Robots and Their Applications on Mental Illnesses


  • Isabella Pier Miramonte High School



Robotics, Socially Assistive Robots, Anxiety, Depression


More than 700,000 people die due to suicide every year1. Over the years, mental health
has become a growing concern worldwide, leading to rising demand for therapists in the mental
health industry. New treatments for mental health issues, including depression and anxiety, have
been developed to meet this growing demand. The present study analyzes Socially Assistive
Robots (SARs) supporting young adults with depression and anxiety, specifically the PlantBot
and MARCo robots. We conclude that the ideal robot would use both Cognitive Behavioral
Therapy (CBT) and Behavioral Activation Therapy (BAT) to support users in performing tasks
and reaching goals. With further expansion of the use of socially assistive robots in the mental
health field, a weight may lift on the growing demand for therapists.


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