Preprint / Version 1

The Effects of Artificial Intelligence on the Job Market

A Look into how AI will affect the Various Job Markets


  • Avijit Singh Abington Heights High School



AI, Unions, Economics, Medical, Agricultural, Jobs


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become prevalent in many aspects of society. With the capability to complete both basic and complex tasks, it has the potential to transform a large number of jobs. There have been many studies on the capabilities of AI showing that AI can evolve to solve complex problems and tasks. There have also been studies showing that AI can help doctors diagnose diseases in patients. Moreover, AIs like Chat-GPT are free for the public and can write essays, compose music, and create art. But how will this new surge of AI change how people work or use AI in a work environment, are there some things that AI can never do, and if so what are they? By analyzing the effects of AI on multiple fields, the answer to these questions may become clearer. Then synthesizing these together we can get a general outlook on the future of the workplace as AI becomes prevalent. The general trend has been that in the short term, AI will cause a job deficit and in the long run it will increase productivity and job opportunities.


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