Preprint / Version 1

Fighting Time: Artificial Intelligence and the New Era of Musical Expression


  • Kali Anchlia Independent Researcher



artificial intelligence, music, jazzmusic, AI-generated music, AI-improvisation, AI performance


This paper explores the dynamics of and developing interaction between human creativity and artificial intelligence (AI) in the field of music. It mainly focuses on the emotional and psychological effects of music reception regarding AI-generated music. The study explores the emotional impact of music, concentrating on jazz as a special sub-genre characterized by improvisation, which provides insight into the cognitive abilities of AI. This analysis emphasizes lacking performance ability, along with the shortcomings of AI composition systems. However, the future potential of AI is also emphasized by the evolution of AI-technology in music. With the conversation situated within the context of western philosophical viewpoints, the hypothesis posits the growing importance for musicians to embrace AI, while still addressing the significant emotional gap that remains between listeners and AI-generated music. 


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