Preprint / Version 1

Investigating the Role of the Fibonacci Sequence Towards an Evolutionary Advantage in Plants




Fibonacci, Lifespan, Cross-Pollination, Self-Pollination, Hardiness, Tolerance, Resilience, Genetic Variation, Resistance, Environment


The Fibonacci sequence is a pattern commonly found in nature, especially in plants. A popular example of the Fibonacci sequence observed in nature is with lilies, which are well known for having 3 petals. The frequency of this mathematical series in nature poses a question of whether following the Fibonacci sequence plays a part in plants’ survival. My general hypothesis is that the Fibonacci sequence doesn’t influence survival and growth of plants. However, I am hoping to find trends supporting advantages that come with following the Fibonacci sequence. Disproving my hypothesis would lead to suggestions that following the Fibonacci sequence is linked to increased survivability rates. The Fibonacci sequence is an interesting concept that is widely studied throughout the world, but not enough research has been conducted into applying this concept on plants, specifically in terms of survival. Therefore, this paper collects evidence that can provide initial connections between plant development and displaying the Fibonacci sequence. 

This hypothesis was then disproven by data comparing plants that follow the Fibonacci sequence (Fib) and those that do not (non-Fib) in three different aspects, lifespan, attraction of pollinators, and tolerance to weather. We compare specific species of plants from Fib and Non-Fib in terms of lifespan length, pollinator attraction, and tolerance to a variety of conditions. The Fibonacci sequence was said to allow plants to use their resources efficiently. This paper would support this idea by collecting data about flowers, specifically, and find out whether a mathematical concept can be applied to providing better chances of survival for flowers. 


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