Preprint / Version 1

A Critical Investigation of Composting Methods and Implementation in Schools




Composting, Food Waste Management, Organic Waste, Bokashi, Interdisciplinary Pedagogy, Schools, Decentralized Composting, Recycling, Environmental Sustainability


Food waste management has emerged as a key tool in responding to the climate crisis. Schools, as natural community centers, have the potential to drive meaningful reform and implement sustainable food waste solutions. This research analyzes the ecological, social, cultural, and economic benefits of composting, and investigates a wide array of composting methods, including aerobic decomposition, anaerobic digestion, fermentation, and vermicomposting. Through a literature review and interviews with experts, these methods are discussed and appraised. The bokashi fermentation process is evaluated by praxis. A series of four steps is then detailed and recommended for schools looking to implement sustainable food waste solutions: 1) Assess Composting Feasibility and Survey Local Community, 2) Evaluate Composting Methods and Plan Comprehensively, 3) Design Interdisciplinary Learning, and 4) Involve Wider Local and Global Community. An emphasis on decentralized composting systems, decoloniality, school individuality, and interdisciplinary pedagogical approaches is placed throughout the report.


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