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The Prominence of Actigraph

An Evaluation of Actigraph’s Popularity Amongst Researchers


  • Surya Vijay Student



Actigraph, miniaturization, sleep cycles


The creation of actigraphy, a non-invasive method of monitoring human sleep cycles, can be traced back to the 1950s when researchers began using motion sensors to study sleep and circadian rhythms. The novelty of actigraphy was its ability to monitor patients for extended periods without causing discomfort while also collecting accurate readings for doctors and researchers to utilize. Over the past couple of decades, this technology has evolved to allow patients to go about their daily lives while also using it in the form of wearable technology. Wearable technology was first established in the 1960s by mathematics professor Edward Thorpe and has become a very prominent part of everyday life in the 21st century. Companies like Fitbit and Garmin have become extremely popular this past decade through their ability to provide multiple readings across different areas, such as calories burnt, sleep tracking, and schedules. One wearable technology that sticks out is from the company Actigraph due to one factor that differentiates them from the rest. Actigraph’s seamless ability to be utilized in clinical trials and research separates its technology from other competitors. Over time, Actigraph has made advancements through innovations in the field, like miniaturization, and working with other companies to provide more accurate readings and lead to more accurate research.


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