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Differences in Autism Diagnosis Rates Due to Various Racial, Geographic, Genetic, and Biological Factors


  • Divya Agarwal Trinity School



autism, diagnosis


Autism spectrum disorder (autism) has core diagnostic features of differences in social behavior and restricted interests or repetitive behaviors. This paper provides a review of the global influence of race, geographic locations, and culture on autism diagnosis. Different geographic populations are known to share certain genetic patterns, and this review seeks to examine research about genetic patterns related to geographic location and its relation to autism. Racial norms, as well as their affiliated cultural beliefs, and language barriers can impact the identification and assessment of autism symptoms, leading to diagnostic disparities among diverse populations worldwide. Additionally, healthcare system factors, including resource availability and practitioner biases, can further contribute to variations in diagnostic outcomes. This review discusses the differences in autism diagnosis based on racial and geographic factors and suggests further actions and initiatives to increase equality in autism diagnoses.


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