Preprint / Version 1

The Effects of Sleep On Performance And Injury Of Professional Athletes

A Systematic Review


  • Rushil Ghimire Oak Park High School


Sleep, Athlete, Performance, Sport, Injury


This systematic review investigates sleep and its impact on professional athletes. It is hypothesized that higher quality and longer duration of sleep will facilitate an athlete’s ability to perform at a higher level and recover from their injuries more effectively. Due to the nature of their work, athletes push their bodies to the extreme limits of their physical abilities; therefore, they require more rest than many other occupations. Because of this, a deviation from standard levels and length of sleep will affect athletes in a significant manner. While studies have shown the importance of sleep in everyday activities, few studies explore the performance results due to a lack of high-quality sleep. By analyzing research that explores the effects of sleep as well as the physiological factors that impact the performance of an athlete, a connecting conclusion can be drawn between the two. This systematic review sorted through over 6,000 articles before selecting 16 that met the criteria. 87.5% of the 16 studies found a direct correlation between sleep and athlete performance and injury. A stronger understanding of this correlation could encourage the sports industry to reevaluate the importance of sleep to athlete performance. Coaches can designate more time for athletes to rest and recover from their exertion, increasing their ability to return to optimal performance. A larger focus on the importance of sleep will lead to healthier athletes and improved performance.