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Exploring the Impact of Rapid Preschool Teacher Attrition on Higher Grade School Teachers and Early Childhood Education


  • Mahi Bandekar Woodbridge high school



emotional abuse, preschoolers, teacher attrition, toddlers' mental health awarness, neurodevelopmental issues


The rapid attrition of preschool teachers has emerged as a concerning trend in the education sector. This phenomenon not only disrupts the stability of preschool classrooms but also has downstream implications for high grade education. As qualified preschool teachers leave their positions, a gap is created, leading to a scenario where middle school teachers, often less trained in early childhood education, are compelled to instruct preschool students. This shift can result in inadequate early childhood development support, potentially impacting the social, emotional, and cognitive growth of young learners. Furthermore, the influence of unprepared or disengaged educators may lead to negative experiences for preschool students, which could potentially influence their later learning attitudes and outcomes. As the connection between early education and later success becomes increasingly evident, addressing the issue of preschool teacher turnover and its ripple effects becomes pivotal for fostering a strong educational foundation for children.


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