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The Future of Healthcare: Teladoc and the rise and possible fall of telemedicine


  • Varsha Vijay Coppell High School



telemedicine, health, healthtech, technology, company analysis


Since the boom of technology and the increased access to internet and proper technological devices, the growth of telemedicine companies has only increased, leading to competition between companies. Teladoc is the oldest and largest telemedicine company throughout all of the United States, making it a tough contender for newer and younger telemedicine companies. Despite their ironclad reputation, Teladoc Health has been actively looking for new avenues of expansion, including their latest implementation of mental health services. The company has kept its initial emphasis on providing basic care to rural and underserved areas, highlighting it on their website and their ventures overall. Besides their initial initiative, Teladoc has also emphasized the use of telemedicine making proper medical care and supervision for certain people who have a chronic condition or a disability which would make it difficult to visit a doctor’s office in person. 


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