Preprint / Version 1

Optimization of Tokamak Blanket Design to Minimize Neutron Flux on Magnets


  • Steven Benny Polygence



Tokamak Blanket Design, Neutron Flux, Magnets


Fusion energy, a promising solution to global energy challenges, replicates the same processes that give our sun its energy, notably through deuterium-tritium (D-T) fusion reactions that produce significant energy. This study explores the mechanics and challenges of various fusion reactions, emphasizing the pivotal role of lithium breeder blankets in producing tritium, essential for sustaining D-T fusion in tokamak reactors. The helium-cooled lithium lead (LiPb) blanket design was simulated to optimize tritium breeding and neutron flux management. Results indicated a tritium breeding ratio (TBR) of 1.15, surpassing the self-sufficiency target of 1.1, with further improvements through increased lithium content and blanket thickness. Effective neutron shielding ensured safe operational limits for reactor components. These findings demonstrate the feasibility of achieving self-sustaining fusion reactions, essential for the viability of fusion power as a sustainable energy source. Future research will focus on advanced materials, refined simulations, and enhanced cooling technologies to further optimize fusion reactor designs.


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