Preprint / Version 1

The Future of Digital Marketing: How Influencers have impacted digital strategies


  • Shireen Gupta William Hopkins Middle School



Digital Marketing , Influencers, strategies


Marketing has been a constant evolution over time, transitioning from traditional methods to digital platforms, and currently social media as a main focus. This paper will address many kinds of digital marketing strategies, especially influencer marketing, and how they work. It explains, why some companies like digital marketing and others don’t.  I approached this topic by reviewing literature,  comparing and contrasting all the kinds of digital marketing vehicles, and evaluate  evolution of digital marketing. On the other hand, I also looked into the money side of digital marketing. My keys finding are the major criterias for companies to select influencers. They look into their audience, credibility, and how many followers they have to determine their cost.  Furthermore, I concluded that influencer marketing tends to be very effective especially in the long run. If an influencer shows consistent results, then the company would keep investing in them and develop a long term relationship. 



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